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Rose tea

1 tablespoon Rosehip  Hot 250cc  Crystal sugar 
  Take into 250cc boiled a pot boil, then add sugar, rosehip boil for about 1 minute off the heat, cover and simmer for about 3 minutes to complete the rose hip tea.

Bagels Circle

500 grams of high-gluten flour  20g caster sugar  2 tsp salt  5 grams of dry yeast  380 grams of water  Dessert Ingredients: 50g caster sugar  1000 grams of water 
  1 The yeast is dissolved in warm water five times in 30 ℃ (inner weight), salt, sugar and water and mix to dissolve the remaining alternate.    2 built into the expanse of high-gluten flour, pour in practice (1) Mix all ingredients together in a group, and knead until smooth and not sticky.    3 rounded dough into a greased container, cover with plastic wrap, for 15 minutes on the basis of fermentation.    4 Remove the dough is divided into 80 grams each, rest for 10 minutes after the round, you can practice as French bread (9) as volumes grow strip, and then joining the ends become a circle-shaped, in turn prepare all the materials after final fermentation 20 minutes.    5 would bring to a boil sugar can be fermented dough into the pot, and cook 1 minute on each side, can be picked up the drain.  …

Onion rings

The amount of onion rings  Shortening the amount of  Pepper Salt to taste  The amount of tomato sauce 
  Wok, add the shortening till 180 ℃, slowly add onion rings and fry until surface is golden brown and crispy, remove and drain oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper seasoning. Can tomato sauce when eating Junior.

Fragrant strawberries Europe and Africa

Materials :
Batter Ingredients: 136 grams of water 452 grams of flour 23 grams of milk powder 9 grams of milk powder Baking powder 23 grams 158 grams of powdered sugar 36 grams of white oil 5 grams of salt 113 grams of whole egg Mashed potatoes 45 grams Decoration : strawberry chocolate amount of
 1 . The batter material all ingredients into a sieve sift flour together into the mixing tank and the other remaining batter material , medium speed after Stir batter with spatula to remove , then plastic wrap standing relaxation of about 20 minutes .  2 2 relaxation will practice good batter out, with a rolling pin into a pole about 1.5 cm thick dough, then wrap with plastic wrap and let stand for about 10 minutes to practice five donuts model slack good press out dough circle -shaped brush the surface with a little flour on a flat plate and then discharged to relax .  3 chocolate strawberries in water heating mode heated to about 50 ℃ melting into liquid .  4 . Frying pan into t…

Smoked cheeseburger

Hamburg 1  Smoked Cheese 2  Salt to taste  Egg 1  The amount of tomato sauce  30g butter  Lettuce 1  Pickled cucumber slices 2  20g onion  Tomato slices 3  Pepper to taste 
  1 Beat the eggs into the pot over low heat cooked spare.    2 hamburger bread cut in half, inside painted cream, then smoked cheese slices on the bread which the upper half of the hamburger, sprinkle with salt & pepper to taste after sequentially adding lettuce, pickled cucumber slices, onion, tomato slices, and then practice of putting an omelette, topped with a little tomato sauce, cover with cheese slices add another piece of bread and hamburger can.

Summer a healthy baby to have a stroke protection

REVIEW: When it comes to health care, many people thought it was older people's patents, but it is not. Kids should pay attention to health care, so that when they go to the energetic adult to face the challenges of life. Summer child sweating, sleep well, good summer care for children's growth and development is very important, following small series with a look at your summer baby care knowledge. 
First, the four major health problem in summer 
1, require frequent hydration 
Although the market a wide variety of children drinking from a health perspective, water is the best drink, in addition to breastfeeding, infant per day per kilogram of body weight of 20 to 30 ml of water, children aged 1 to 3 kg per day of 30 ~ 40 ml of water. Hot season a little more, a little less cold season. 
2, parents supervise their children nap 
Lack of widespread domestic and international preschool sleep problems, supervise him (her) to make up for lack of sleep nap can play a role. Hot summe…

Newborn babies umbilical cord: Mommy to special care

REVIEW: The umbilical cord is the lifeline of the mother and baby contact , when the baby is born 10 to 21 days , the stump will scab and fall off, leaving a small wound will heal after a few days . Moms and dads know how to care for newborn's umbilical good right ? Giving the child a bath , there is need to pay attention to what matters ? Following small for you one by one .
First, the baby 's umbilical cord prone to problems
1 , umbilical bleeding:
The main is not tight ligation or ligation caused too coarse thread , and sometimes bleeding after the umbilical cord falls off , which is the root of the umbilical cord is damaged due to small blood vessels , usually small amount of bleeding .
2 , umbilical wet :
Umbilical cord stump is necrotic tissue , bacteria easily gathering place , or when the umbilical cord falls off just before the fall , will be more humid umbilical fossa , should ensure its fully dry.
3, the umbilical cord sticky :
Umbilical fossa often secretions, the…

Baby learning to swim by age level learning

REVIEW: In hot weather , the baby is also eager to cool the water , if you can go out with mom and dad play in the water swimming , is no better . Baby baby swimming to promote physical development , harmonious parent-child relationship , improve learning ability baby has a very big advantage , as long as parents mastered the necessary knowledge , baby swimming safety , but also can be guaranteed.
A baby to swim in different age points
1 , children from 6 months to 1 year old
At this stage, you can just let the children touch the water . The purpose is to allow him to be happy, adaptation activities in the water, rather than to teach him to swim. You can tell the child how to splash flowers ; how to play in the water.
2 children 2 to 3 years
You can teach children how to breathe in the water , so that when the probe into his head underwater is not easy choked . With your help , the children 3 years old will be able to learn a lot of knowledge of swimming .
3 , children 4 to 5 years

Baby sleeping mat Ten Precautions

REVIEW: scorching summer , the summer heat mat is essential appliances , however , feel that a variety of adult skin mat is suitable for babies born cool to use it ? More importantly, the mat will be using for a long time and a lot of dust mites hiding which mat moms know how to clean and disinfect it? Knowledge , following up care.
Baby sleeping mat pay attention more to note what sleeping mat , baby summer cool Wealth
1 , baby mat selection
Should pick a better texture mat , front to soft , smooth , not water or water mattress pillow . Because the water is too cold , etc. mattress . Meanwhile mat structure should be fine , mahjong mat is easy to pinch the child , not suited to the baby .
2 for flax rattan seats
Children are more suitable for mats, rattan seats or linen seats. Because these mat texture is soft, cool degree suitable for children 's skin friction damage, and to minimize the occurrence of infant diarrhea.
3 , should be disinfected before use
Wash the mat prior to u…

Angel Love

8 eggs  2.5 grams of cream of tartar  2.5 grams of salt  190 grams of granulated sugar  95g flour  240 grams of vegetable cream  Cherry amount of 
  1. The protein and egg yolk separately, using only the protein part.    2 protein plus cream of tartar in a spiral whisk beat until small bubbles add sugar 2/3 of the salt mix beat until sugar is dissolved, about not see when the egg part.    3 then the remaining sugar, 1/3 of the wet foam was added to the mix to play.    4 sifted flour into the pass protein, use a spatula to gently mix the batter batter add 7-8 points over the surface smooth. Preheat oven above the fire 205 ℃, under fire 120 ℃ bake for about 25 minutes.    5 would be the cream with an electric mixer set steel basin using medium speed until stiff.    6 After the cake out of the oven with a first mold upside down in a cool frame, mold after cooling, to remember the bottom up, then whipped cream evenly with a spatula, place the uneven plastic sheets …

Tomato Basil Pasta

Inclined tube surface 200 grams  150 grams of fresh tomatoes  100 grams of mushrooms  Basil leaves 30g  2 cloves of garlic  Onion 1/4  Broth 200 grams  50 grams of olive oil  10 grams of crystal sugar  Pamela good cheese powder 20 grams  Pinch of salt  Pepper 
  1 finely chopped garlic, diced onion, mushroom slices aside.    2 fresh tomatoes rind plan after cross into the boiling water and cook until the skin taken off, peeled, seeded and diced spare.    3 Another cook a pot of boiling water add 1 teaspoon of salt, then add the noodles and cook inclined tube 8 to 10 minutes, stirring constantly to avoid during stick pan.    4 Pour the olive oil in a frying pan heat the first into the large minced garlic and saute until golden brown, then add onion stir-fry until the onion softens, the first adding mushrooms and stir, then add broth, sugar, salt, pepper into the soup thickens when a small fire after the flour and cook over medium heat until tomatoes tablets.    …

Naisu bread

550 grams of high-gluten flour  60g flour  21 grams of dry yeast  320 grams of milk  100g caster sugar  10 grams of salt  60 grams protein  75g butter  Naisu amount of stuffing 
  1 of milk was heated to 30 ℃, take 5 times the weight of dry yeast and milk yeast mixture bubble; remaining milk and salt, sugar mixed first.    2 Sift low-gluten flour, and eggs will practice a material joined together, stir after adding the cream into the group, rubbing the mix to a smooth surface, the basis for the fermentation 40 minutes.    3 dividing the dough into 80 grams each, rest for 10 minutes after the round, then pack into soufflés stuffing, then rest for 10 minutes.    4. The dough stick around for long and then folded into thin strips, fold one end of the cut in eight knife, cut the dough, fold the dough will spread, curled into a group can be.    5 Brush the dough on the eggs in water, the final fermentation into the oven for about 40 minutes after baking, more fire 2…

Red Bean Angel Cake

230 grams of protein  15 grams of lemon juice  Salt 1/2 tsp  160g caster sugar  90 grams of flour  Sweet red beans 60 grams 
  1 After sifting flour, and honey, red beans and mix well spare.    2 proteins, lemon juice, stirring with a whisk until big bubbles, continued to salt, sand mixed with sugar added twice to beat wet foam.    3 The practice (1) material is added quickly mix the whipped protein paste, pour the batter pan and bake for about 25 minutes to 160 ℃, the baked upside down until completely cooled mold can be.

White soup

5 kg pig  Onion 1  1 carrot  150 grams of celery  Water 10 kg 
Fresh thyme 1  2 bay leaves 
  1 large pig bones into boiling water boil hot wash.    2 onions, carrots are peeled, washed and diced; Wash and cut the celery.    3, 2, and the practice of thyme, bay leaves were placed in large pot, add water to the fire to boil, piecemeal fire and then boiled for about four hours, and finally filtered soup can.

Milk pudding

1350 cc milk  120g caster sugar  15 g gelatine films 
  After one would fine sugar and milk into the pot to simmer until about 70 ℃, after the flame until sugar dissolves.    2 would add the soaked gelatine film material practice 1, stir together until completely melted gelatine film so far, is the pudding fluid.    3 The pudding was poured into practice two model container, let cool and then placed in the refrigerator until you can show condensing.

No noisy kids into the library without embarrassment

REVIEW: Some need to take the kids to quiet public spaces, such as museums, art galleries, or hospitals when most parents probably headache children play slapstick and Scream it. Parents do not say embarrassing, because under a large crowd, not attack, but tend to know what to do, I do not know how to stop a child. How to keep the kids Scream? Xiao Bian there are ways. 
First, why kids love crying? 
1, hungry or sleepy children hungry, especially when trying to sleep or get angry easily, so be sure to get enough sleep after the child fed and then take him out. Ready or snack. 
2, felt neglected 
Children feel neglected, it will become very noisy. Mom can prepare the boy's favorite toy, comic books around with, feel free to let the children have with something to attract attention. 
3, to threaten parents 
At this point you have to do is try to stay calm. With children is the best way to leave. If I had children in case you can not immediately walk away, you can at least temporari…

Mom has merit baby afraid of injections

REVIEW: Most babies are afraid of injections, to the hospital blubber , which makes parents upset. Long needle into the baby 's delicate skin , but pierce the hearts of parents . Baby injections, more parental care affects the nerves , experiencing complex emotions . Baby afraid of injections how to do, following up care.
First, why be afraid of injections baby
1 , the body 's natural response to external stimuli .
For the baby , this is a very unpleasant experience , so he always find ways , such as crying , dancing , etc. obstruct injections. Afraid of injections , in essence, is the most natural human instinct to respond.
2 , hospital baby strange scene inspired fear .
Parents and baby at home, afraid of injections prior to speak good cry , but the hospital is not. This can not blame the baby , the hospital itself is an atmosphere of fear brought a baby .
3 , inappropriate strengthen the educational approach.
" Do not listen , let the doctor give you a shot ! " A…

Sleep patterns of life in infants fed happy to play

REVIEW: difficult to raise children from starving to jade tree grow , parents do not know how much effort you want to spend , but if Mom and Dad grabbed the child to sleep , eat, game three keywords, good planning and organization , it is not the children thrive difficult. The secret is no longer difficult to raise children , and want to know? We work together to care.
First, to help children sleep in six programs
1 bed early
Growth hormone secretion during sleep. Deep sleep gradually reaching a peak after one hour , general night 22:00 to 1:00 for the peak of secretion . So The children sleep no later than 21:00 .
2 , do not get too excited
Do not do too excited or evening events large events . Such over-excited children because of the emotional and sleep, or sleep at night crying in the case .
3 , parenting time
There should be a short time as a parent to prepare before going to sleep at bedtime . For example put soft music segment , tell a bedtime story , go to bed together . Pare…

Comprehensive Benefits of infant feeding more

REVIEW: Mixed feeding is added to the breastfeeding infant formula to supplement breast milk shortage of parts. For those of insufficient milk for various reasons , can not meet the nutritional needs of your baby moms , this feeding is the best choice . However, mixed feeding operation is not as simple as listening , moms with similar problems fast and small series together to understand it.
First, the benefits of more than mixed feeding of young infants
1 , the mother of free time
When you want to immerse yourself in day care for children living boring when you have a yearning for personal space . Mixed feeding is probably your best choice.
2 , Dad and the others involved in child-rearing
When the father and the children feel that they have a distance , when you struggling to care for their children , bottle feeding can let my father and other family members involved in the parenting process.
3 , career women to return to work
Back to work after maternity leave fear will be run ? Wo…

Baked Cheese Seafood

1 shrimp 5  Tape 5  Pumpkin 100 grams  Potato 1/2  Belly 100 grams  2 100g mayonnaise  Cheese 10 grams  3 egg yolks 
  1 shrimp, peeled, deveined mud, boiled; tape wash, boiled spare.    2 zucchini, diced potatoes, boiled; belly diced, boiled spare.    Materials diced 3 will practice 1, practice material mixed with 2, into the pan roasted spare.    4. The material 2 mix, put it on the material practice 4, 250 ℃ and then placed in an oven and bake for 10 minutes, until golden brown surface was.    5 When eating can then sprinkle with a little cheese powder to add flavor.

Chocolate scones

80 grams butter  80 grams sugar  120 grams of flour  1 egg  Cocoa powder 3 1/2 tbsp  1 tsp baking powder  Milk 1 1/3 tablespoons  The amount of powdered sugar 
  1 After the butter has melted, and cocoa powder and mix well.    2 After the milk sugar mixed with fine uniform, joined the practice in the mix 1.    3 eggs, beaten into the egg after adding 2 to 3 times in practice two mix, sift flour and baking powder, stir into the dough.    4 baking pan spread into the paper, the practice of dough into 3 parts rubbing round 20, into the baking dish, then into the upper oven to 190 ℃ bake for about 15 minutes, remove and let cool, sprinkle some sugar surface powder can be.

Italian meringue

TPT80 grams  50g icing sugar  160 grams of protein  80 grams sugar  Cream of tartar 1 gram  Decorated with a little powdered sugar 
  1.TPT and sifted powdered sugar together.    2 protein, sugar, cream of tartar whipped together to wet partial dry state.    3 Take practice materials and practice a mix of materials mix together 2, namely batter.    4. The batter into a piping bag.    5 out of spiral batter on baking sheet.    6 After sprinkled with decorative powdered sugar, placed in the oven over the fire 220 ​​℃, under fire 180 ℃ bake for about 15 minutes, is the Italian meringue.    7 Remove the practice of six Italian meringue baked let cool, spray a little water on the surface to remove the baking paper.

Chicken nuggets

1 kg chicken breast  3 eggs  1 cup flour  1 cup bread flour  Pinch of salt  A little tomato sauce  Cleaning film 2  White pepper  Marinade  Pinch of salt  White pepper  Egg 1  1 tablespoon flour 
  (1) buy back the first chicken breast lightly beat with a knife blade or a meat hammer five minutes, then wipe clean with a knife to chop finely diced chicken breast, mix marinade and marinate for 30 minutes to make it tasty.    (2) the marinated chicken Ding divided into two equal parts, each pack into the plastic wrap, and roll into strips, head and tail tighten (similar candy packaging, shape chicken can do with their own preferences change). After one hour into the freezer frozen out, remove the plastic wrap, cut to length and width of chilled chicken nuggets were 4 cm.    (3) Each order chicken dip flour, egg, bread crumbs, oil burn-seventh of the heat, add the chicken and fry until golden brown.    You can dip tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, salt and pepper, or (…

Mango Tuna Salad

Italian noodles 100g wheel  Lettuce 200g  Tricolor vegetable 100g  Mango 1  1 can of tuna  Mayonnaise 56g 
  1 Italy later in cooked, remove and put into ice water to cool, then remove and drain backup.    2 shredded lettuce, bubble ice after 10 minutes, drain, laying in the disk backup.    3 diced mango to spare.    4. The practice noodles with tuna, mango Ding, mayonnaise, mixed vegetable mix tricolor 1, 2 on lettuce can practice.

Jam Swiss Roll

Materials :
1 egg 370 grams 178 grams of granulated sugar Milk 74 grams 74 grams of salad oil 2 133 grams of flour 15 grams of corn flour Baking powder 3 grams Salt 2 grams 3 kinds of jam right amount The amount of fresh vegetable oil Coconut powder amount
 1 egg yolk proteins with separate sub- steel pot placed in standby .  2 egg yolks with the first 60g caster sugar and mix well until sugar dissolves , add the milk and mix well, then add vegetable oil and mix well.  3 first sieved material 2 , and then gently mix into practice 2 to non-granular .  4 The practice of using leftover sand sugar 2 three times added protein in practice : a first pass to Tai bubble-like protein , add granulated sugar 1 / 3 servings of Beat until the bubble becomes smaller then add 1 / 3 amount of granulated sugar , beating until small bubbles form after adding the remaining sugar and continue to beat until soft peaks close to mix dry foam stage.  5 first 1 /3 of the amount of protein added to p…

Bacon egg yolk noodles

150 grams of pasta  Garlic 3  Bacon 2  100 cc cream  2 egg yolks 
Flour 2 tablespoons cheese  Black pepper 
  1 pot of water to boil, add 1 teaspoon of salt, and cook until the pasta radial wok cooked 8 minutes, remove and drain backup.    2 Peel and slice the garlic, bacon cut into small pieces, together wok over low heat Fried.   3 of whipped cream into the pan and mix approach 2, then add cheese powder, black pepper, salt to taste.    4 Finally, put the cooked pasta and mix well, and pour into the pot before the yolk flame, heat the egg yolk mixed with cooked plate.

Balsamic sesame noodles

Oil noodles 150g  Green beans 10 grams  Onions 20 grams  Minced garlic 1/2 teaspoon  Water 3000 cc 
A. sauce 1 tbsp  Zhenjiang vinegar 1/2 tsp  1 tsp oyster sauce  Granulated sugar 1/4 tsp  1 teaspoon salt  100 cc soup  B. 1 teaspoon salt 
  1 onion, cut small grain reserve.    2 A plus all the seasoning garlic and stir well after use.    3 Take a pot, add water 3000 cc, after boiling, add 1 teaspoon of salt first and then into the oil and cook for 2 minutes after the roll noodles cooked, picked up the spread, then add onion and green beans hot step 1 after 5 seconds, picked up and set aside.    4 Finally, the flavoring material leaching step 2 in step 3 of the noodles and mix the oil, add the green beans and onion to step 3.

Brown sugar sponge cake

4 whole eggs  210 grams of brown sugar syrup  4 grams of salt  140 grams of flour  30 grams of salad oil  Milk 30c.c.  Decorative materials: a little powdered sugar 
  1 beaten egg into the bowl, add brown sugar syrup while stirring and stir until the salt to water heating way, the material is heated to about 40 ℃ away from the fire.    2 continued to quickly pass the hand blender, beat until batter becomes a volume to 1 times the size of the hand blender slowed down, then continue stirring the batter becomes thick like to hand the test custard, custard when flow-like presentation, can hang to about 2 to 3 cm.    3 After sifting the flour, pour the custard practice 3, use a spatula to stir a brisk pace, until you see far less than the flour particles.    4 Remove the practice 3 1/3 the weight of the batter with salad mix, and then practice three remaining batter evenly mixing the sponge cake batter into the pan in a small circle.    5 190 ℃ in the oven, baking …

Prevent coughing baby in the hot summer

REVIEW: hot and humid summer air, the baby is very easy to get sick, cough is a very common one, mom not think that only winter season when it is easier to cough, baby If this problem occurs in the summer, and the difficulty of physical harm does not care up small it, Mom and Dad must be careful ah. Xiao Bian today to share with you some knowledge of prevention summer cough. 
First, summer cough in infants 
1, food allergies 
Phenomenon dietary factors cause coughing attacks more common, especially in infants and young children prone to allergies to food, but gradually decreases with age. Summer cold is also one of the factors inducing allergic cough cough in children with seizures. 
2, air and climate 
When the air temperature, temperature, barometric pressure, and (or) other changes in air ions can induce coughing. In summer, some families in the open air for a long time for the baby, but children under the age of blowing air for too long, can easily lead to coughing, wheezing. 

Baby love lip boot out bad habits

REVIEW: baby will have many bad habits , such as biting lips, eat your fingers , look in the eyes of the mother must be anxious at heart , but to help children correct their problems is not an overnight thing . Mother to the baby to have patience , but also need some tips . Today to help your baby get rid of the bad habit of biting his lips , and her mother together to explore .
First, why the baby to bite the lips
1 , baby lip disadvantages
Oral incomplete development of the baby , if not promptly corrected lip biting habit baby , will cause irreversible adverse effects on the baby's growth and morphology of deciduous teeth and oral maxillofacial , and even affect the development of permanent teeth .
2 , the baby biting lips reasons
Baby biting his lips act , in essence, is the baby of insecurity caused by such a body signal that she sent the baby much needed sense of security. So, parents first need to give the baby to feel secure enough .
3 , and the bad habit of biting lip

Baby food supplement principles and attention

REVIEW: Many mothers believe that complementary feeding for the baby , but the baby is a little mushy food to eat and a small mouth , but for the baby , the mother's milk to eat food supplement their transition to general food from a very important part , so everything has to be absolutely . Today Xiaobian give moms and dads to talk about those things add to the baby food supplement .
First, the basics of baby food supplement
1 , supplementary food added time
World Health Organization report on infant feeding , the first six months of exclusive breastfeeding advocates , add food after six months on the basis of breastfeeding , breastfeeding is best to stick to one years of age, with milk -based, other food for auxiliary .
2 , supplementary food added risk
Complementary feeding too early can lead to allergies, diarrhea and other problems. Baby food supplement can not be too late to replenish adequate nutrition . In addition , early contact with a variety of complementary feeding c…

Infants and diet to prevent allergy symptoms

REVIEW : Some babies are allergic , mother of the baby if you find yourself eczema since childhood, it is easy to grow and eat juicy water, fruits and vegetables, such as kiwi , mango, tomato , swelling and itching around the mouth it is easy , then we must be careful , your home may have a sensitive baby. Families with sensitive baby should be how to do it ? Xiao Bian below tells you .
A baby allergy symptoms classification
1 , food allergies :
Baby diet usually within six months alone , mainly caused by dairy allergy . Six months after the baby has allergies, usually caused by the addition of a food supplement . Thus beginning to eat baby food supplement should be easy to digest and not readily allergenic foods , such as cereals , vegetables and fruits.
2 , drug allergy :
Moms need to be reminded that the first use of some drugs do not appear allergies, does not mean the future will never be allergic to the drug . It must be emphasized that, before each use are not lazy , we must d…