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Male baby "small" penis big attention to parents

REVIEW: Tim newcomer family , mom and dad very nature is joy , saying male baby's penis easier to clean than female genital baby , but also a lot of embarrassing thing , the baby is still small genitals count big , why erection dark in color , prepuce, hernia how to determine such issues , together with the following parental care .

First, know the baby's genitals

1 , genital size:

The shape of a small penis is individual differences . If your baby is fat , it may be a small penis buried in the fleshy belly gone , normal and smooth pee , without any uncomfortable situation , it shows that he is no problem , do not worry.

2 , penis color shades :

Small penis skin color shades with the same shape , but also vary , and some small penis pigmentation weight babies , some babies shallow, this is normal .

3 , the baby is often an erection :

Mom probably thought the baby because of physiological responses will erection , in fact, are unfounded, and when the baby excitement , congestive cavernosum penis , small penis will stand up , because of the reason that an erection occurs , at least in primary go further by later.

4 , the baby prepuce :

When parents see the home of the male baby penis when a small protrusion may be very nervous, in fact, this is because some of the baby's foreskin is too long , if the parents did not do a good job cleaning effort, it is easy to store dirty formed smegma ; the prepuce baby, surgery must be circumcised , etc. older baby some surgery is appropriate.

5 , small penis short small :

Some parents will find a male baby 's genitals seem too short, in fact, this is due to the pubic fat is too thick, genitals caused inside the package , as long as careful observation will find that it is a normal process of development.

6 , how to determine hernia :

In addition , male baby's scrotum too , scrotal edema is usually possible to check the way for parents to bed dim the lights , flashlights irradiation swelling to the site , if it is translucent , compared with scrotal edema , a normal phenomenon in the 6 to 12 recovery months old normal ; if there is no light transmission is likely to hernia , this situation must be in accordance with physician instructions to determine whether surgical treatment .

Second, pay attention to small penis big cleaning

1 , the primary control water temperature :

Male baby genitalia lower his body temperature place, but also fear the heat . External genitalia of a male baby wash water temperature should be controlled within 40 ℃, so as not to scald your baby 's delicate skin .

2, cleaning refrain from force :

Baby's genitalia covered with nerve tissue , skin, fragile , you need to pay special attention to light the way , to be steady, gentle force , this will avoid the sometimes tense and squeeze or pinch the baby's genitalia , including the penis and scrotum .

3, to avoid over-stimulation :

Baby's genitalia expands when heated , will also open the urethra , overstimulation may increase the chance of urinary tract infection in the baby .

4 , scrotal folds cleaning:

Gently lift the baby's penis with a soft gauze dipped gently wash the roots. Then wash the baby's scrotum , where multi- fold , it was easier to hide dirty sweat . Sweat and dirt under the scrotum is also easily hidden place , we should focus wipe.

Third, pay attention to the care of the baby genitals

1 , the foreskin can not be turned on :

After the baby is born, its head that the glans penis foreskin completely covered . Usually self- separation increase with age . Do not force the foreskin on the turn , can cause the boy experienced great pain , but also increase the risk of future infection .

2 , keep the perineum Drying:

Both boys and girls , do not walk far as possible without diapers. Summer high temperature , boys and girls of the perineum to open air as well, only sleep with diapers. After wet diapers promptly replaced regularly wash for disinfection.

3, to avoid overheating irritation:

After birth perineal bandage is not too tight , to avoid local muggy ; avoid prolonged bath of hot water at 40 degrees Celsius above the pot , thermal expansion of the genitals , urethra open, make urinary tract infections ; overheating stimulate the genitals, the child will irritation of precocious .

4, note that chemical fragrances :

There are some irritating toilet water , talcum powder agglomeration is easy with sweat , clog pores , this kind of thing is easy to make the already hot flashes more wet diapers inside , as little as possible .

5 , teaches baby pee :

The boy should be able to stand after urinating standing posture training , learn not to let their mother squatting or potty ; and let him learn the father or the big boys stations urination. Gradually taught him not to wet pants , they wash their hands before and after a good habit.


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