Sponge cake body


220 grams of whole egg 
Caster sugar 130g 
1 gram of salt 
150g flour 
30 grams of salad oil 
Milk 35 grams 


  1 whole egg added sugar and salt together with an electric mixer whipped into a custard.
  (2) After whipping to have lines like thick custard appears, and then brought back scraper custard, custard showing a flow state when can hang about 2 to 3 cm can be. 
  3. Adding sifted flour, then mix gently spatula, until the particles can not see until the flour. 
  After 4 Remove 1/3 of the batter step 3, add vegetable oil, milk and mix well together. 
  3 remaining batter batter 5 steps into step 4 and then mixed uniformly with stirring. 
  6 Pour the batter step 5 in 8-inch round pan, lower the oven to 180 ℃ bake for about 30 minutes. 
  7 would be good for baking cakes body out, upside down in a cool shelf waiting for cool. . 
  8 first hand at the edge of the compressed cake pan, again within the pressure buckle cake. 
  9 along with the cake pan upside down in a cool chassis frame together, hand slowly inward crimping body along the edge of the cake pan to remove the chassis