Asparagus Shrimp Fried vegetarian


300 grams of green asparagus
shrimp 130 grams
10 grams of ginger
Pepper 10 grams
2 tablespoons sunflower oil


1/4 tsp salt
A little fine sugar
High fresh little MSG
White pepper


  1. pepper, ginger slices; green asparagus, washed and cut into sections; placing in boiling water fast boil hot fish, soak in ice water.
  2. Su shrimp in boiling water fast boil hot, remove and drain water reserve.
  3. Pour sunflower oil wok, saute practice a pepper flakes, ginger, green asparagus and then into practice a segment, as well as the practice of two prime shrimp fry evenly to all the seasonings can be tasty.