Salt and pepper Pleurotus


Pleurotus 300 grams
5 grams of coriander
5 grams of chili
Ginger 5 grams


A. High-fresh little MSG
Pinch of salt
B. a little salt and pepper


  1. coriander, pepper, ginger washed mince and set aside.
  2. Pleurotus clean cut, into the boiling water fast boil hot, remove and drain water and set aside.
  3. A seasoning mix evenly stick wrapped in two blocks Pleurotus practice; hot oil pan to about 160 ℃, into the deep fry Pleurotus block color, remove and drain and set aside.
  4. wok pour a little sunflower oil, saute ginger practice one, into the coriander, chili and saute, then add 3 Pleurotus practice block fry evenly. To follow the consumption of personal preferences, with a little salt and pepper consumption.