Banana Chocolate bread


300 grams of bread dough
Stuffing: Banana 3
40 grams of chocolate chips
Other: Water 1500㏄
1 1/2 tsp salt
70 grams batter
Decoration: the right amount of chocolate sauce


  1. Place the banana skin wash, peel, peel into three, remove the flesh, leaving about 5/6 of chopped fruit, chocolate chips and mix well and set aside.
  2. Take a bowl adding water, salt, banana skin soak for about 20 minutes, remove to paper towels to dry kitchen
  3. Place the dough is divided into three equal portions, to face stick rod of about 23 × 18 cm rectangular sheet, skin side to take, to put a banana skin, fill in the appropriate amount of material in the practice of a banana peel, then the dough banana wrap seams cast batter bonding, as long as both ends of the excess part of the clenched shut, the other part can be removed.
  4. a pan heat the oil warmed to about 70 ℃, the practice 3 wrapped materials into medium heat fry until golden, can be removed.