Brandy Cream Cake


400 grams flour
100 grams almond flour
500 grams of powdered sugar
Baking powder 5 grams
500 grams of whole egg
500 grams of butter
5 grams of salt
50 grams of milk
100 grams of chopped pistachios
Brandy 100 grams
Granulated sugar 100 grams
100 grams of water


  1. eggs into the bowl stir powder; butter softened at room temperature for an alternate place.
  2. Low-gluten flour, almond flour, sugar, baking powder sifted together spare.
  3. Place the water to boil 100 grams of added sugar fine brandy and cook until sugar is completely melted, let cool and serve wine sugar reserve.
  4. Place the sifted flour good material, salt, milk and stir together the softened butter into a bowl to whisk whipping slow, use the bottom edge portion of the blade is not easy to stir to mix the material continues with slow stirring until the cream is completely absorbed.
  5. When the batter texture color becomes whiter and more leavening time, 3 to 4 times added whole egg continued to slow stirring, stirring every need until the egg is completely absorbed before adding the egg again.
  6. When the egg is completely absorbed join and continue to slowly stir until the batter smooth texture was more humid state, adding that the completion Stir chopped pistachio cake batter.
  7. The batter is poured into the pan to about seven minutes in full, in preheated oven above 180 ℃ under fire were baked for about 15 minutes after removing the stripping, surface brush on the right amount of sugar that the practice of wine 3 can.