Chicken Bacon Burger


Hamburger 2
120 grams of chicken breast
Bacon 2
2 lettuce leaves
Yellow bell pepper right amount
Red tomato slices 2
2 cheese slices
A little sour cucumber
Sauce: 3 grams of mayonnaise
15 grams of tomato sauce


  1 chicken breast cut into thin slices, sprinkle with salt, black pepper (quantity outside), place a pan fry until cooked dry spare.
  2. Bacon into practice within a dry fry until cooked spare.
  3. lettuce leaves soak into ice water reserve.
  4. Mix the sauce mix.
  5. Take a hamburger, lettuce leaf sequentially into a practice 3, red tomato slices, chicken breast 1 practice, practice 2 bacon slices, cheese slices and yellow bell peppers, then topped with the right amount of sauce, and put pickles. Repeat the above approach to the hamburger is used up.