Longan Cake


200 grams flour
6 grams of baking soda
6 grams of baking powder
100 grams of whole egg
120 grams of salad oil
Two sugar 100 grams
130 grams of brown sugar
Yakult 130 grams
200 grams of dried longan
Lan mother liquor 44 grams
50 grams of roasted walnuts
50 grams of raisins


  1. eggs into the bowl stir scattered spare.
  2. flour, baking soda, baking powder sifted together spare.
  3. Yakult, longan soaked to soften alternate mix together.
  4. The Second granulated sugar, brown sugar, whole eggs into the mixing bowl with whisk together and stir until the sugar is added after the salad and mix completely melted, then add the flour sifted good mix until smooth moist material, the last sequence Join practice three materials, rum and raisin mix evenly into cake batter again.
  5. Place the batter is poured into the pan to about 7 minutes in full, in preheated oven above 200 ℃ under fire were baked for about 25 minutes out of the box after.