Onion Soup


500 grams of onion
40 grams butter
10 grams of minced garlic
A little thyme
1 bay leaf
Water 800㏄
French bread right amount
Basilicata little late


Liquor 15㏄
6 grams of fresh chicken powder
Pinch of salt


  1. Wash the onion, thinly bar spare.
  2. wok into the fire to melt the butter over medium, add garlic flavor Stir, then add the onion and stir fry to practice an onion slowly become light brown.
  3. In practice two soup pot along Drizzle white wine, add water and stir fry all the seasonings and mix well after a few continue to cook for about 15 minutes, turn off dishing out.
  4. Cut French bread pellets, into the oven baked until slightly warm brown, remove the soup sprinkled in practice three, and finally sprinkle a little late to Basilicata.