Pumpkin soup


300 grams of pumpkin
Roasted pine nuts 20 grams
10 grams of minced garlic
Vegetable stock 400㏄
Milk 250㏄
30 grams butter
1 tablespoon salad oil


Pinch of salt
Black pepper
Basilicata little late


  1. Place the pumpkin washed, seeded and cut into small pieces.
  2. Add butter and salad oil Heat wok, add garlic flavor Stir over low heat, then add the pumpkin pieces practice a full fry, pour vegetable broth to boil the fire, the fire continued to medium and cook until soft and cooked pumpkin , turn off standby.
  3. When cooled to lukewarm approach 2 into the blender, add roasted pine nuts were whipped to mashed, add milk to pour skillet over medium heat until boiling close to dishing out after seasoning with salt, and finally sprinkle pepper and Basilicata to the end.