Sauce onion meatloaf


Onion 1/2 stars
250 grams Loin piece
15 grams shallots
A little cornstarch


Soy sauce 20㏄
Mirin 10㏄
Water 150㏄
1/2 tablespoon rice wine


  1. Wash and cut the onion bar spare.
  2. Wash pave Loin slice, onion rolled back into meatloaf, and cast a little cornstarch to seal fixed, repeat this practice to Loin piece with Bi.
  3. wok, add the right amount of salad oil, onion meatloaf sealing practices 2 down to a small fire fry side setting, the ability to turn to the other side, after the surface was white until meatloaf, add seasoning till the tasty soup juice closed slightly dry dish, sprinkle with shredded shallots.