100x optical zoom reach! Canon 3-300mm f / 1.8-9 IS

Zoom lens fixed focus lens convenient than everyone knows, there are many on the market and therefore the horizon mirror / HP Prosumer machines to choose from, but as users, of course, hope strong zoom lens, the better, if Nikon has now released a new maximum 83x zoom the long-gun machine P900 yet to meet everyone (24-2000mm equivalent), you may wish to wait. The latest online matter will shed a 100x zoom Canon 3-300mm f / 1.8-9 IS design patents to provide a wide-angle 24mm equivalent terms, then a full telephoto lens 2400mm, even if the subject further away, also easily narrowed eyes. However, in order to build 100x zoom lens is inevitable in the specifications to make a choice, for example, even if there is a decent wide angle f / 1.8 large aperture telephoto also dropped partial thin f / 9.0 aperture. In addition to the opportunity to influence the camera's focus response, safety shutter 1 / 2400s in general is very difficult to achieve estimated to remain stable shooting, Canon seems to be to strengthen the effectiveness of IS shock up and down quite a skill.