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2000mm long gun with a few prestige? Nikon P900 speed test

Long guns DC lens is the soul, the higher the zoom capabilities, shooting subjects can cope with the more widely, technological advances make DC a long shot zoom capability upgrade from a few years ago, 30x to 50x, 60x, and the Nikon Coolpix P900 The push to more record 83x, the farthest can reach 2000mm focal length equivalent! Today I Nikon conference site, on the side of the demo, while thinking, "how many users really need them so super telephoto it?" Question.

This started to get the feeling of P900 compared to similar long-gun DC heavier bigger, I believe it is because they have an optical zoom of 83. Having said that, compared to the SLR, no rebound, or that astronomical telescope, P900 is still more lightweight. The new machine is equipped with a multi-angle viewing angle LCD convenient height, also an electronic viewfinder, providing more flexibility. Camera Support P / A / S / M mode, with top and rear dual wheel as the main control, there Fn function keys, valves and other independent Wi-Fi, quite convenient. Only the top no Hot Shoe, in the harsh environment, the built-in flash may not be enough.

DC lens is a long shot of the soul, this Nikon uses a 83 optical zoom lens, providing 24-2000mm equivalent focal length, aperture wide-angle end also reached f / 2.8, can be described as sensational! Electronic zoom lens design, control lever, the zoom speed shutter button is available outside the lens side of the lever or too fast, the wide-angle end to the telephoto end of the zoom takes 3-4s. In order to enhance the possibility of hand when a super telephoto, the lens factory also added a "dual detection optical VR" to detect the direction of a more detailed vibration data through two sensors, so that VR components make more precise correction of up to up to 5 shutter compensation.

When real shot demo, 2000mm super-telephoto is really very pleasantly surprised, you can enlarge the distant scene. However, we all know that the cost of high-power optical zoom lens is weaker, resulting from the shooting to see the photos, sharpness wide-angle end of the lens is acceptable, but it really does not appear to significantly 2000mm between loose and easy with the optical quality of both coexist.

2000mm super-telephoto demonstration

In order to make people more likely to understand the concept of 2000mm focal length, the following demonstration for everyone. 21-storey office building stood down shooting, 2000mm roadside sites where you can take engineering car, the driver can even distinguish the action. This particular truck shot in 24mm screen, just a few hundred pixels accounted Shaoshao.

On the other hand, this kind of long guns they use a fine DC-format sensor, P900 is no exception, its 16.05 million back-illuminated CMOS image size is only 1 / 2.3-inch, high-sensitivity setting down on noise is more apparent. Seen from the test, at ISO 1600 noise reduction when the camera has already wiped away many details, color performance is also affected. Using a larger sensor can certainly do better picture quality, but watch the opponent Sony RX10, Panasonic FZ1000 an inch photographic and other long guns, in order to balance the body size, can be achieved only 200mm telephoto capabilities and 400mm, with P900 far.


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