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Buy quick worker! CCD camera discontinued in 2020!

Existing cameras and video recording equipment sensor nine out of ten are used CMOS, but as early as twenty years ago when digital photography has just been born, CCD is the digital image capture large, even then there were using CMOS camera as a sensor, often because of poor quality CMOS, CCD color underperformed early photographers were abandoned.

However, with the improvement of technology, and put a lot of resources and Canon CMOS production in early CMOS gives people the impression of poor quality have been swept away. Especially the later EOS 10D and EOS 300D appeared, so photographers feel through improved CMOS sensor as you can get an excellent visual effects, and data transmission characteristics of CMOS itself, can withstand more data than CCD, so that even high-speed shoot and ultra-slow motion video can all be realized in the DC Aberdeen and SLR.

Engaged in the business of Sony sensor producing electricity out recently revealed that they will be officially ceased production in 2017 CCD sensor replaced is still considerable potential for development of CMOS. Camera manufacturer Allied Vision also pointed out, CCD has completed its historic mission, but in recent years also have to switch back-illuminated CMOS design can improve the dynamic range of the old CMOS sensor, and light storage performance, data processing speed and image quality, CCD has just come to an end in the form of the above problems, after all, in recent years, even low-level DC Aberdeen also slowly uncommon CCD trail.

If according to Sony's wishful thinking, when CCD officially discontinued in 2017, the major camera manufacturers still about three years time will be Sony's CCD inventory "digest" manufactured into new camera, which means that after 2020 would no longer No new CCD camera appear.

I learned that people spend a small part of the photography CCD sensor of a soft spot for the old DC or SLR cameras, greedy its colorful, CMOS models difficult to imitate their tune. I do not know Sony CCD discontinued after the news came out, these beginning to see the old state machine CCD Ming Will gets a sought after new craze?


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