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Camera moistureproof Raiders

Subtropical weather, humid and foggy spring, summer, hot and humid, and every one of these seasons are all photographers who want to worry when their beloved camera, no matter how often you use the camera, a wrong method of preservation, is enough to make you The camera lens and accessories become hideouts mold, a few thousand dollars of camera, ten thousand dollars of anti-shake lenses so immediate, and we say goodbye, even if we can repair, we can not reply when the style bar. Want to know what is the most effective way to prevent the camera lens mold? Take a look at this DCFever send you a "camera moisture Raiders' you will be crystal clear.

Basic Camera save environment

Many of my friends have a play with the camera in common habit, the camera will always put the camera bag or holster, in fact, the moisture will wrap, so the camera easier to mold. So in a drawer you? The same can not be, because the drawer would like humid air trapped in the same mold so that the camera easily. In fact, as long as the camera is placed in ventilated, cool place, better than the long-term in a holster, drawers and other environments.

Because there are a lot of electronic parts and mechanical parts inside the camera lens, so the most suitable environment for storing the camera relative humidity probably between 45-55 degrees, the humidity will not damage the lubricating mechanical parts than not within the electronic parts drained, if you are using a SLR or D-SLR, the position of the majority of the handle has a non-slip rubber hand side or the skin side, if the humidity is too low, so it will be very easy to crack.

Best Camera moisture environment

Speaking of the camera is of course the best moisture environment Cabinets, Cabinets have a sealed moisture-proof plastic boxes and two separate electronic Cabinets, moisture-proof plastic box price, though more expensive, but will need regular replacement of moisture agent, and moisture agent types variety, choices have to be very careful. Electronic Cabinets can use to describe once and for all, you need to do is purchase Cabinets home, adjust the hygrometer, it will automatically for you inside constant humidity, moisture agent for step without replacement, perfectly suited to grasp every minute of Hong Kong people.

When using moisture-proof plastic boxes, remember not to use "mothballs" because it gives off gases containing toxic substances can damage the lens coating and film negatives. "Blue moisture beads" is the most commonly used photography enthusiasts proof tools, plus its cheap price and can be recycled completely moisture-proof plastic box is the best shot when the most important thing is it Silica Gel silicone manufacturing, does not discharge toxic and corrosive gases, moisture and tools used for the camera, but it is absolutely appropriate. "Desiccant dehumidifier or jelly-like agent" is also a good choice, but when you use an ordinary box breathers careful water leaking out of the water because they contain acidic calcium chloride, serious damage to the camera and lens .

Electronic Cabinets use hygrometer with electronic dehumidifier dehumidifier or memory alloy to achieve a constant humidity environment, certain electronic Cabinets provide hygrometer thermometer well, let us know more about the actual environment box. If you are a SLR or D-SLR with family and liquidity, it is definitely the most suitable Electronic Cabinets SLR camera and lens placed in an environment within the interval Electronic Cabinets are designed to help us neatly placed multiple cameras and lenses, etc. accessories, although its price is slightly higher than the plastic box, but the long-term calculation, Electronic Cabinets will save you a lot of moisture to replace and purchase agents time and money.

Cabinets Cautions

In fact, there must be two essential factors that will speed the growth of mold, mildew want a more comprehensive understanding of how to grow? Take a look at the following information will be crystal clear.

Humidity: Most of the mold when the relative humidity is greater than 60% will be immediate breeding, while more than 65% relative humidity, mold growth will accelerate; when the relative humidity is greater than 80 - 95% is a very active mold humidity.

Temperature: Under 8 degrees Celsius environment, mold can grow. When the ambient temperature is above 10 degrees and 65% relative humidity, mold and have the ability to erode their breeding material; if the ambient temperature up to 20-35 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity has reached 75-95% of the time, mold will grow explosively.


Cabinets for many users, it is not necessary for a camera accessory, if you have a chance as long as 1-2 months, it will not open it to use, and does not have a reliable Cabinets, then you have to be more careful take care of it. In fact, this stuff Cabinets lavish, plastic boxes and moisture agent at the time of the first purchase really cheap, but unfortunately the need to regularly spend time in the purchase and replacement of moisture agent; and Electronic Cabinets despite the higher prices, but in it The overall use of materials and moisture stability, indeed greater than the former and long-term benefits, especially beside the existing one machine forty-five lens D-SLR players more proof of this ring can not suddenly, when you find the camera and lens moldy when it is too late to regret.


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