Canon G17 coming season pass: f / 1.2 aperture, 1 "Sensor!

At CP + period, Canon has indicated is stepping up development of large-Sensor long shot machine PowerShot G3 X, but in addition, there are the original factory after the latest PowerShot G17 will spread the fastest will appear this season. As published in the 13 years of follow-G16, G17 seems to not only carry out this "before" upgrade, but there are as people shines specifications for the G17 rumors following specification:

Equipped with a 24-168mm zoom lens equivalent to 7 times
Large aperture lenses offer f / 1.2-2.0 in
UD lens group with a low dispersion lens
Adopt an inch sensor
Image processor DIGIC 6+
Magnesium alloy body

Large sensitive to high-order will be subject machine is a general trend, as Prosumer models, G17 upgrade from the previous generation of the 1 / 1.7-inch to follow G7 X 1 inch size is also regarded as a reasonable, but the lens in addition to the upgrade from 5 times to 7 in addition they have a larger aperture, then it is quite a surprise. Not only have the same level of the maximum wide-angle f / 1.2 aperture, aperture telephoto end and no crash, still provide f / 2.0, if there is a certain level of quality, I believe it will be considerable with family appeal.