Canon new poor people three treasures EF 50mm f / 1.8 STM published next month!

Possible domestic allways previously announced YONGNUO EF 50mm F1.8 matter are excessively similar shape and size as well as the original, Canon can be said to be compelled to accelerate the lens updates, the latest factory will be the fastest will be heard next month published a new generation of EF 50mm f / 1.8 STM, STM push switch focus will be the focus.

After stepping spend the STM motors, one deputy plant will increase in difficulty technically "reference" on the other hand also in line with the trend of the Canon SLR film in recent years, pushing to be faster than the focus of the lens, also eliminate the existing EF 50mm f / 1.8 II AF operation noises, favorable film radio. Message has not revealed whether EF 50mm f / 1.8 STM will use to re-optical design, the individual would expect even if unchanged, at least the new lens will also increase the number of aperture blades (currently only 5), to create a softer bokeh .