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Canon PowerShot G7 X

The main selling point: 1 inch CMOS, Digic 6 image processing technology, 14-bit RAW, 24-100mm equivalent focal length, maximum ISO 12800,1080p @ 60fps film, 180 ° flip LCD
Release Date: September 2014 about
Sensor pixels: 20.9 million pixels
Effective pixels: 20.2 million pixels
Sensor size: 1.0 inches (13.2 x 8.
Sensor types: CMOS
The maximum resolution: 5472 x 3648
Animation resolution:
Full HD: 1920 x 1080 @ 60 / 30fps
HD: 1280 x 720 @ 30fps
VGA: 640 x 480 @ 30fps
Full HD Star Time-Lapse Movie / iFrame Movie
HD Digest Movie / miniature Effect
Animation types: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 format, stereo
Animation Audio: Support stereo radio
Anti-shake function: Hybrid IS optical vibration
135 format focal length: 24 mm to 100 mm
Zoom capability: 4.2X
Aperture Range: f / 1.8-2.8
Autofocus situation: TTL contrast detection autofocus system 31 points
People face coke
Human face tracking
Support AF Lock
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority 1. Support
2. Shutter Priority Support
3. Support manual exposure
Scene modes: Portrait, Landscape, Night Snapshot, Kids & Pets, Indoor, Sports, Sunset, Night Scene, Fireworks, Beach, Underwater, Aquarium, F
Shutter speed: 1/2000 to 1 second, individual shooting mode up to 250 seconds, the shutter does not support B
ISO sensitivity values: 125--12800 (per 1/3 adjustable)
Fluorescent LCD screen: 3.0 inch PureColor II G LCD touch screen fluorescence, 100% field of view
Storage Media: SD / SDHC / SDXC (support UHS-I)
Battery Type: Canon NB-13L Lithium Rechargeable Battery
Weight (with battery): 304 g
Volume: 103.0 x 60.4 x 40.4mm


  1. Benefits:
    1 inch sensor
    Screen can be rotated
    Somewhat less power
    Lens weaker
    Fortunately, shooting people
    Bad shooting scene
    Can not shoot at night
    With a week to understand pricing CHEAP,

    Comparison with previous xq1 and p7700, Night entirely less these two.
    Shooting people and objects slightly better,
    Landscapes entirely clear analysis, night purple fringing significantly worse when .24mm.

    Regardless xq1 and p7700, s90 Worse even than it is good for shooting landscapes.

  2. Benefits:
    Turn the screen, white balance, 24mm
    Front control ring too real, Nuisance remote, touch screen, video key to good easy bump, EV (+/-) buttons too real.
    Canon Fans, there 5D2, S100, S120, .....
    Well favored by S100 / S120 generous balance fine tuning
    Waited and waited, and finally bought last year RX100II, a year, white balance can not really use.
    Canon finally the camera an inch thin,
    Nuisance many as the hot shoe and a view finder, a discount in exchange for a lot.
    Useful balance fine-tuning.

  3. Benefits:
    Progress is the largest ISO performance, I had to use canon FF, iso 800 high iso noise standard can be, such as shooting with JPEG 1600-3200 with high iso noise is high, can be seen in the screen and set the standard big difference of course sharpness will reduce small, nocturnal tracking AF shooting performance with large aperture focus well, I believe that better results during the day, wifi nfc too easy phase, face detection quasi-good, two million pixels convenient crop photo
    Body slippery hands, holding only a finger male plastic bits
    But most people on the right hand on the right home for split phase plug usb wire covered with a little bit a top, original electric expensive, deputy plant failed to take the machine when the bar hand rope, rope bit extra on the left hand, the new machine to be canon dpp download plug in photoshop Straight No, no use electrical wire Chazhu fork or can charge the battery with the flow
    G10 turn G7X, basically a lot of good bits are similar setting system, cameras are more personalization settings such as ring, set, button settings, and other special effects did not try, Zhan always taken as the first phase, the overall system performance really good, than Since Sony Rx100III flat near 1000Tele angle can go to 100mm. In DC, with past performance into Bu more deserving promotion, personally do not like to rotate the screen, but the performance can make up to make me buy it

  4. Benefits:
    Good 1 ~ Price
    2 ~ Touch capacitive screen smooth easy! Up Anti-self-timer!
    3 to a few good photo quality, entry-SLR Bimei
    4 to be able to set their own a lot of settings, for half the industry parties respect the lens swivels easily
    5 to basically do ministry together machine has required special hardware - the stars, time-lapse photography TL
    6 to focus fast
    1 to lack of electricity, a power strong enough for the 1st ~ so free travel must bring two to three alternative beside the body
    2 to press the button layout is poor, subject to restrictions - body photo shoot bad press the button, the button is easy to inadvertently filming
    3 to the body is very thin, but not light weight - male ok ~ Women used to consider carefully


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