Color accurate, enough light! A new generation of LED Panel︰Rotolight NEO

Whether photo-shoot or a movie, the light is very important. Film with a home in order to have better lighting effects, often used LED panel provides a continuous light source. Most market LED Panel are rectangular, circular design and Rotolight prefer to allow the shooting location is more engaging and reflective. In addition to this the Rotolight NEO circular design, the light output and color temperature adjustments are precisely its selling point. Rotolight NEO has 120 LED lights, factory, said compared to similar products, luminosity stronger, reaching 1077 lumens, and can be made between 1-100% output adjustment.

On the other hand, Rotolight NEO support color temperature control, although this feature is not exclusive, but Rotolight practice smarter than the opponent. To control the LED color temperature, cool and warm approach is to use two different colors of LED, to achieve the effect of different color temperature by controlling the output ratio between the two. General LED panel when adjusting brightness, color temperature of light is affected a great chance and change, users have to re-set the white balance. The Rotolight NEO can automatically calculate and maintain constant color temperature output, consistency of light output can be exempt from a lot of trouble with the family. In addition, Rotolight NEO can show the exact number K color temperature, (3150K - 6300K, 10K per level adjustment), with family at the time of setting the camera white balance is also more convenient. Rotolight NEO more other features such as automatic calculation of aperture settings for filming with home Fade Out function.

Rotolight NEO main features ︰

120 LED, up to 1077 Lux
Light output angle of 50 °
Color LED control color temperature, 3150K - 6300K
6 AA batteries, endurance 3 hours, support AC power
Dimensions of 145mm x 50mm (diameter x thickness)
Weighs 354g (NW)