Do you dare to use it? History of the most disgusting absorbent article!

Spring weather turns warm again, and wet weather makes absolutely upset. High humidity can make it difficult not only safe 寢, and photography equipment is often a taboo matter of hot weather and high humidity most suitable for mold growth and erosion lens coating, thus affecting the optical quality. To prevent mold to your equipment beckons, the most convenient, and once and for all is to acquire Electronic Cabinets moisture card or automatic dehumidification equipment. However, when you have to face the film friends like rainforest like extreme wet weather outside, seemed to think of another way.

Outdoor living equipment, dehumidification equipment available like much, for clothing with moisture-proof bag or can it? While moisture proof package has some beads or dehumidifying capacity, but the most talked about "absolute", and most likely to start with moisture supplies, certainly by the time-lapse photographer shooting Alexy Frangieh "highly recommended" female sanitary napkins it!

Alexy Frangieh because often encounter when shooting hot and humid weather, long the equipment in a backpack or drag trunk will make the barrel-called "pour sweat" problem appears to be efficient dehumidification, Alexy Frangieh only spend this Mic's proof tool!

Napkin principle I believe we have been very clear, after you were brother sister who watched television advertising, will not doubt its capacity to absorb moisture and dry with experience. But why Alexy Frangieh use on women's cosmetics to moisture it?

According to Alexy Frangieh said napkin under severe moisture in the outdoor environment can be more moisture-proof bag or better, one can reduce the humidity, and secondly to reduce the formation of "sweat pour" is! Furthermore, the napkin is also more moderate size, relatively more baby diapers can be photographic equipment package was Veg clothes clothes! But back to reality, and whether you are willing to carry a bag during outdoor shooting two packets of sanitary napkins "own" it?