Egg tart


Egg tart skin:

Olive oil 60 g
20 g sugar
Evaporated milk 14 g
1 egg yolk
110 g flour

Egg mixture:

2 eggs
Hot water 150 g
Evaporated milk 40 g
40 g sugar


Egg tart skin:

1. Put all ingredients into the bread machine, according to the selected feature 8 (dough production), and then start, about 25 minutes.

2. Upon completion of Punch the dough into 8 parts, respectively, on the Egg tart pan

3, into the hidden meaning of the refrigerator cold for half an hour, so that the body skin hardens

Egg mixture:

1, sugar and water into the first, and so the sugar dissolves,
2, such as hot and cold, and only then evaporated milk into the egg, then stir

3, the surface will be stirred bubble, the bubble removal

4, refrigerated Egg tart skin can be removed, pour the egg mixture over 8 points can be
5. Preheat oven to 200 degrees 10 minutes
6, the Egg tart baked into 200 degrees 10 minutes will be completed