End of an era: Rolleiflex sell plant debt

This year's photography industry increasingly difficult, the transition was a little slow turn, may at any time be swept away by the torrent of the times, only to become memories photography enthusiasts. Production of single-lens reflex camera and dual-lens camera DHW Fototechnik holding company has nearly 90 years of Rolleiflex the decision announced the sale of its plant in Germany, with a large number of cameras and production equipment, cruel enough to witness the commercial market.

Is the second bankruptcy auction will be held in Germany in April 20, 2015, the Japanese photographers Bellamy Hunt news release in more than a few days earlier by a living, visible DHW Fototechnik action is very low-key, almost at auction held a month ago have more news flow.

According to Bellamy Hunt said the auction involved more than 1,100 pieces of large machinery and optical equipment, including CNC lathes, metal processing equipment, measuring instruments, workshop accessories, of course, also includes never have customers interested in the camera and lens and so on. Effluent from a factory photo can be seen in the status section Rolleiflex camera is very good, not look at first glance like a medieval some photographic equipment, but because of poor management under management that makes this almost a hundred years of brand come predicament end.

Although the plant will be auctioned, but the historic company's most valuable camera is often its class label. So, in fact, insiders have identified Rolleiflex will step Polaroid's footsteps, with its signature white knight will eventually be re-launched photographic equipment products, or to authorize production methods to reduce operating costs in the future operators.