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Facelift Nikon D7200 implant Wi-Fi, NFC connection easier

Even now home to the full-frame SLR body with a rush, but still account for a large APS-C market, especially in higher-order APS-C body, is a good helper for many ecological photographer. Nikon's D7100 was recently updated to announce the D7200 digital SLR, is it going to order against rival Canon EOS 7D Mark II?

The new D7200 keep the change is very similar to the previous generation, and even body size and weight are almost identical. Such as non-fuselage signs, to distinguish between the old and new machines is very difficult. Said there is no change, in other words the new machine retains the rugged magnesium alloy dust and drip-proof body, but also control aspects of the heritage of the previous generation of professional design, bad thing. Internal aspect, the new machine to spend a new sensor, providing 24.2 million pixels, do not set the low-pass filter, and the standard sensitivity range from previous generations of ISO 100 - ISO 6400 augmented to ISO 100 - ISO 25600, and support in M mode using Auto ISO setting to shoot more flexible.

The new machine also strengthen respect in the film, although not yet support 4K resolution, but with 1.3X Crop mode shooting, the support to 1920 x 1080 @ 60p recording smoother picture and implanted flat (Flat) Picture Control, let There are more post-production plastic space. Use EXPEED 4 processor D7200 also help reduce noise and molar formation.

D7200 features a new Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX II, providing 51-point AF (15 cross-type sensors), and make a slight increase in the dark environment, the new machine can now focus on the next darkest -3EV environment, the more winning previous generation. Continuous shooting is also concerned with the home link in the face of strong specifications Canon EOS 7D Mark II's highest 10fps, Nikon realize the "one size fits all" truth, D7200 keep pace at 6fps, convinced that technology was the photographer is the key to shoot. Although the burst speed constant, but it has improved the amount of shooting, the new machine up to breath shoot 18 14-bit RAW or 27 12-bit RAW or 100 JPEG. Other functions, D7200 also follow the trend of the trend, adding built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, connect the phone to shoot or pass with even more convenient.


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