Fish head casserole


Original broth 1 can
Silver carp head 1/2
Sweet potato powder amount
Garlic 1
1 egg
Ginger 15 grams
Water 1200cc
600 grams of cabbage
Mushroom 60 grams
Frozen tofu 150 grams
Integrated hot pot right amount


Original barbeque sauce 2 tablespoons
Clam soup block 2
1 tsp sugar
Pinch of salt


10 grams of ginger
Scallion 10 grams
1 tablespoon rice wine
Pinch of salt
White pepper


 1. Wash and drain silver carp head, add all marinade and marinate for about 15 minutes, and then evenly with sweet potato flour, add the oil in the pan 170 ℃, deep fry the surface color, remove and drain backup.
 2. cut garlic, white garlic and garlic distinguish tail; cabbage slices; mushroom stalks head; eggs and mix into the egg mixture, Drizzle pan fried crisp meringues into color, remove and reserve.
 3. wok, pour 1 tablespoon oil, add ginger, garlic, white practice saute 2, adding water, Buffalo flavor the broth boil, then add the remaining sauce, cabbage and cook until cabbage becomes soft.
 4. The practice of all three into the casserole, add a silver carp head of practice, practice mushroom, garlic tail, meringues, frozen tofu hot pot and integrated two, and then you can cook tasty.