French truffle chicken roll


Chicken 2
10 grams of celery
Little Truffle
A little onion
10 grams of carrots


A. cream 20㏄
Chicken powder 1/4 teaspoon
B. egg 20㏄
American fried flour 2 tablespoons


  1. Carefully peel chicken to retain; the boneless thigh meat and set aside.
  2. The practice of thigh meat minced 1; the remaining material chopped and set aside.
  3. A seasoning adding material to the practice of stuffing mix 2 spare.
  4. The practice of a practice reserved chicken filled with stuffing 3.
  5. B seasoning mix into the batter, it will approach four evenly coat chicken batter.
  6. wok, pour the right amount of oil, warmed to 150 ℃, the chicken will practice 2 emissions into the pan, over medium heat and fry until golden brown, then cooked stuffing.