Fuji X-Pro by the end of 2 pass appeared to support 4K filming!

No new Fuji camera so far this year despite being only X-A2, but the play was possible after, rumors blowing more intense X-Pro 2, according to Wen will launch before the end of 2015, the new machine will spend more pixels in addition to pass the APS-C size like 24 million new CMOS, also have a lot of improvement in the performance of the film, the head support 4K filming of aircraft models. Fuji X-Trans recent years to spend money on high-sensitive machine has good performance, although unknown new sensor plus higher dot density advantage is maintained, but the X-Pro 2 as a new generation of flagship performance and quality are still worth looking forward to.

X-Pro 2 rumored specifications:

24 million new APS-C image sensor
Dual SD card storage design
Multi-angle LCD
Support 4K recording capabilities
Built-in Wi-Fi capabilities
Rumored X-Pro 2 on pricing than existing X-T1 20-30% more expensive, some people might immediately think too expensive. But judging by the finer M4 / 3-format support 4K but filming started selling Panasonic GH4 pricing also higher than this camera, such as X-Pro 2 is really appropriate to the level of price Panasonic had been considered a discount.