Golden Egg


A. Eggs 6
4 tablespoons salt
Water 2000㏄
B. Water 800㏄
Soy sauce 200㏄
Granulated sugar 500 grams
Wine 200㏄
Onions 2
20 grams of ginger
Red pepper 4
Halogen pack a bag


  1. Take a pot, onion, red pepper and ginger fluff, into the pot, add the material B is boiled until boiling.
  2. In a pot, add the soy sauce and the practice of rice wine, add caster sugar and cook until boiling brine bag, go to simmer for about 10 minutes, until the smell that comes out of the flame and let cool alternate (namely marinade).
  3. Take A material in water and salt to the pot, add eggs and cook until boiling, simmer for 7 minutes to go after the fish eggs immediately with cold water showers to avoid the sweltering let yolk over cooked.
  4. The practice of three cooling stripped shell eggs, add marinade practice two complete immersion, moved into the refrigerator for about one day you can eat.