Ground strongest Wi-Fi card: Eye-Fi Mobi Pro

Popular wireless SD card, but with more camera built-in wireless transmission function, the wireless SD card still living space? Two years earlier had been with the film that launched the wireless Eye-Fi SD card has introduced a so-called "the strongest on earth," the wireless SD card, the new Eye-Fi Mobi Pro wireless SD card upgrade for the earlier of the same company Mobi enhanced version that can automatically recognize the camera's RAW file and can instantly transferred to your computer and mobile devices, greatly enhance the professional use of wireless SD card.

The new Eye-Fi Mobi Pro support up to 32GB capacity, you are free to select the transfer RAW or JPEG files to a computer or other mobile platform, so you can be first transmitted to mobile devices for JPEG preview purposes at work, then put RAW files transmitted to a computer for post-processing. In the past, Eye-Fi Mobi synchronous transfer only one purpose, and the new Mobi Pro card can also chose which transmitted a photo through the camera menu, so photographers can shoot the process more convenient.

Eye-Fi Mobi Pro wireless SD cards are already available in the official website subscription service, priced at US $ 99.99 (equivalent to the equivalent of HK $ 780), and includes one year of Eye-Fi's cloud storage service. Although Mobi Pro price of Toshiba FlashAir expensive than similar nearly doubled, but considering the other wireless SD card and camera on the market can support the RAW file itself neither wireless transmission function, Eye-Fi's new card so aggressive pricing is also understandable.