Herbal pork knuckle


900 grams of pork knuckle
Water 800㏄
Diet: Angelica 1
Chuanxiong 3
Astragalus 20 grams
Rehmannia 1/2 sheet
Guizhi little
Honey licorice 3
Ginseng should be 15 grams
Prune 3
Jujube 5
10 grams medlar


Wine 300㏄


  1. After the pork knuckle washed into the boiling water, boil hot for about 5 minutes, remove the ice water to cool down and set aside.
  2. All Herbal material with water wash, drain water, angelica root, Astragalus, Rehmannia, cinnamon, honey, licorice into the cotton bag tied.
  3. Prepare a traditional electric pot, inner pot pork knuckle practice and practice a medicine bag 2, then add ginseng must, dates, dates and rice wine, add 2 cups of water outside the pot, and cook until the switch is pressed pops , then simmer for about 10 minutes.
  4. Open the practice of flipping the lid of the pot material 3, followed by the addition of wolfberry, outside the pot along with 2 cups of water, then cook until the switch is pressed switch trips, continued to simmer for about 10 minutes.