Lomography movie that is playing that old feelings of Hong Kong?

See "red, white and blue," what would you think? The older you might think of the bag began in the 1960s, nylon canvas made by the Hong Kong between red, white and blue hue made. However, for a group of Lomography that shadow that some enthusiasts, "red, white and blue" certainly has a special meaning for them!

Lomography's announcement yesterday that shadow that is Lomo'Instant camera push Boston Edition Deluxe Suite, fuselage with navy blue, beige and pink and white, playing retro appearance, the use of color relative Lomography previously announced Lomo'Instant Normal version obviously much more eye-catching.

Lomo'Instant Boston Edition Built-in 27mm wide-angle lens, the closest focusing distance of only 0.4 meters also, with the self-portrait mirror next to the lens, to play one-handed self-timer is also very convenient. With the deluxe version of the launch, Lomography has added special portrait, fish-eye and close-up, a total of three kinds of conversion lens, relative to other systems that shadow that is greater pondering.

Lomo'Instant Boston Edition is compatible with Fujifilm Instax largest market liquidity that shadow that is paper, such as with the camera's long exposure capabilities and a variety of Color Gel, use that shadow that has the same camera can be done before they can get higher-order shooting.

The new version Lomo'Instant "Boston" than black, pale-colored suit Edition more expensive, but if you yearning for the old "red, white and blue," the perseverance, the use of old and new camera now the only remaining Kong , This is quite worth it.