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Nikon Coolpix P900︰83X zoom, 2000mm a super telephoto to do to win applause!

After reading the Nikon D7200, perhaps some readers will find the new machine changed little, not enough surprises. But in fact do not today Nikon SLR major, but this P900 DC, coupled with the amazing 83X optical zoom lens, equivalent focal length up to 2000mm telephoto end, breath broke two record-breaking!

P900 appear before this DC to Canon and Kodak's SX60HS the AZ651 with 65X optical zoom occupy their highest position, the former providing 21-1365mm, which provides 24-1560mm equivalent focal length, while Sony H400, Nikon's P610, Panasonic FZ70 are followed, providing 60-63 optical zoom, fighting extremely tight play. Nikon today announced a new P900, coupled with a 83X optical zoom lens, providing 24-2000mm equivalent focal length, but also provide f / 2.8 large aperture (Tele dropped f / 6.5), can be said to be far better breath opponents!

Nikon P900 is equipped with a 1 / 2.3 inch 16 million as CMOS, offers ISO 100 - 6400 sensitivity, and supports 1920 x 1080 60p Full HD filming. 83X zoom lens is certainly surprising, but I think many readers will doubt its usefulness, as the focal length is too long, hand-held shooting will become difficult, if each shot must carry a tripod, it will waste a long gun DC mobility. To this end Nikon joined the "Dual Detect Optical VR" anti-shock technology, providing five shockproof performance, in other words even spend 2000mm shooting, theoretically 1 / 60s shutter is sufficient to take clear images.

For many users prefer to shoot long DC ecology, Nikon also stressed that the speed of the new machine, called the shooting time lag is very short, wide end around 0.12s, the telephoto end is about 0.75s, help capture brilliant images. Lens is also a "quick return to the zoom button", when a telephoto lens can temporarily Zoom-Out to help users to track moving subjects. Other functions, the new machine also features a variety of digital filters, Timelapse function, GPS, Wi-Fi and NFC increase gameplay!


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