Nikon ME-W1 wireless radio remote control ︰ ear whispers pass

Nikon is committed to the development of recent years filming the market, in addition to adding more functionality on the SLR filming outside, also introduced some filming commonly used home accessories, recently ME-W1 wireless radio is one of them. To help with the family at the time of filming, the radio can be more flexible and widen the radio range.

When filming, the camera's built-in radio microphone, an external radio microphone recording range is limited, when the sound source distance, will make many users headaches. Some would consider afterwards dub trouble, some people will split long external radio microphone wire, radio microphones placed near the sound source included, however, the use of Nikon ME-W1 can put simplify things. ME-W1 into the radio microphone (mono) and the receiver portion, each with Bluetooth data transfer, connection distances of about 50m. In other words, ME-W1 wireless radio microphone up a collection to help you sound 50m distance from the camera outside.

ME-W1 with a waterproof drops design, even in the rain can be usual radio, and can be connected ME-1 stereo radio device, in order to provide better radio effect; headset may be connected to monitor, or even a radio microphone and receiver Part of the personnel on both sides of the interaction communication. ME-W1 wireless radio uses one AAA battery driven endurance of about three hours.

Nikon ME-W1 is priced at $ 249.95.