Octopus burned pancakes


A. 150 grams small octopus
200 grams of cabbage
1/4 red radish strips
Parsley right amount
B. the right amount of ginger
The right amount of spring onion
Low-gluten flour, 100 grams
The right amount of mayonnaise
The right amount of horseradish sauce


  1. A material were washed diced and set aside.
  2. The material is a practice with ginger, spring onion, low-gluten flour mix into the batter, then a small spoon to dig the right amount of batter onto the baking sheet (baking mat to be a piece of baking paper anti-sticking), each batter about 6-8 cm in diameter.
  3. Place the pan into practice 2 preheated oven, lit with 200 ℃ plus whirlwind function, bake for about 15 minutes until golden brown roasted sided.
  4. Remove the practice of burning 3 octopus pancake dish, topped with mayonnaise and horseradish sauce to flavor.