Olympus SH-2 synthesis of new five-axis machine to play!

No anti-camera by Olympus PEN fame, and even its Stylus SH-1 long shot machine will simply put the machine casing discuss PEN users favor. Recently, Olympus announced last year for the market launch of an updated version of SH-1, the new Stylus SH-2 PEN machine concept is not only to continue to play, and even once in the OM-D E-M10 first appeared in the Live Composite shooting mode synthesis is also the first time in Aberdeen machine, like to play or capture Light Painting Xinggui you, you have to pay attention to the SH-2.

Follow the 1,600-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor and 24X high magnification zoom lens 25-600mm of SH-2 is a special function to strengthen the night shooting, and in the rear of the mode dial has a separate night shooting mode, the inside features On Olympus prospered without synthetic anti-aircraft shooting. Synthesis of shooting functions can be used multiple images of the bright part of the direct synthesis of a photo, especially suitable for shooting fireworks in the night, the stars still life or for light graffiti, greatly reducing the threshold for night shooting.

SH-2 is also equipped with 5-axis shock, can inhibit the full range of image-shake technology, this machine itself 24X especially long guns proved very useful, so that you can still get sharp images at telephoto or macro. In addition, SH-2 has a time-lapse movie, sweep panorama and Wi-Fi wireless transmission capabilities to compact machine, it can be regarded as a long shot everything. In order to make the Advanced users can play the same image maximum potential, Olympus SH-2 in this body to make up for RAW file capture function, you can use the software to change the photo after the exposure and white balance, and other parameters. Stylus SH-2 is expected to be available in Japan on April 10, suggested retail price of 37,000 yen, quite quite aggressive.