Pork slices crisp bamboo shoots


Crisp bamboo shoots 200 grams
Plum 200 grams of pig meat
Mushroom pieces 3
Pepper flakes 1
10 grams of minced garlic
Salad right amount


1/2 tsp salt
Chicken powder 1/4 tsp
A little fine sugar
A little black vinegar
Rice wine 1 tsp


  1. crisp bamboo shoots soaked for 1 hour in boiling water, boil hot five minutes later, picked up the drain and set aside.
  2. wok, pour salad oil, add garlic, chili until fragrant, add mushrooms and saute slices, then add the meat and fry pig plum color white.
  3. In the practice of the pot 2, joined the practice of crisp fried bamboo shoots a 1 minute, and finally put all the seasonings and stir evenly.