Precision supremacy: Manfrotto XPRO Geared Head triaxial head

For photographic tripod is concerned, accompanied more than convenience and relatively thin spherical head is mainstream, but if you have to shoot the building, accuracy requirements are often higher than the average shot, this time three-axis Cloud Taiwan will be more better. Manfrotto has launched the latest lightest ever called home the most accurate three-axis head XPRO Geared Head, the head itself to spend "Adapto" engineering plastics manufacturing, while the maximum load weight 0.75kg 4kg, in order to achieve accurate calibration handle control revolution will have to move 9.5 °, the more support under Tilt -20 ° / + 90 ° range, for example, to the line completed the entire trip would have to turn on lap 11 and a half feet.

Manfrotto XPRO Geared Head level can be turned of 360 °, plus the angle of the vertical and lateral adjustment -20 ° / + 90 ° and -90 ° / + 30 °, the coverage angle is actually better than the ball head difference, PTZ additionally and spend quick release design, may correspond quite popular 200PL quick release plate. XPRO Geared Head is priced at £ 169.95