Red bean bread


A. 300 grams of sweet dough
517 grams flour
31 grams of milk powder
124 grams of fine sugar
3 grams of salt
13 grams of instant yeast
83 grams protein
119 grams of water
10 grams butter
B. Honey red beans 300 grams
The right amount of milk


  1. Instant yeast is added a little water to dissolve within the recipe; sifted flour; set aside.
  2. A stir until all the ingredients into a muscle after a group to Rolling pin or pressing machine lever pressed until the dough was light.
  3. Place the dough and cut into practice two split each 600 grams of dough 2 copies, hand rest for 20 minutes after rounding.
  4. The practice of 3 bar pressure slack dough into a rectangle of dough, evenly covered with honey and then rolled into a cylindrical red bean paste.
  5. Place the dough in the head and tail approach four two shut up and slightly integer into a circular shape, into the baking dish for about 30 minutes to make the final fermentation.
  6. On the surface of the dough practice five brush and draw lines on the milk after a fire in the oven above 160 ℃, under fire 140 ℃ bake for about 60 minutes.