Seafood Cheese Lasagna


A. 3 lasagna
B. snapper fish 60g
Squid 40g
Shrimp 4
Mussels 1
Smoked salmon 2
1 tablespoon olive oil
10g chopped garlic
15g chopped onion
Liquor 15㏄
C. White sauce 500㏄
D. spinach 10g
Shredded cheese 100g
Cheese 50g
10g butter
1 teaspoon crushed in Brazil
The right amount of cheese powder


  1. Take a pot to boil lasagna cooked eight, picked up soaked spare.
  2. cichlid fish, squid slices aside.
  3. Olive oil and saute chopped garlic, chopped onion, add snapper fillets, squid pieces, shrimp, mussels, stir fry, topped with white wine, add a little white sauce boil spare.
  4. Take a deep dish, cream evenly to the bottom plate, pour a layer of white sauce, a noodle shop, pizza sprinkled with Chi Shisi, put three seafood practice material, and then repeat the action once sequentially.
  5. Then covered with spinach, pour a layer of white sauce Ma Yun, put smoked salmon, then pour a layer of white sauce, sprinkle with cheese pizza broken, covered with a third level bar, and finally topped with remaining white sauce, sprinkle with cheese, oven baked with 200 ℃ for about 7 minutes, remove and sprinkle with chopped and cheese powder in Brazil is complete.