Shrimp salad vegetables yogurt


60 grams shrimp
20 grams of red tomatoes
20 grams of lettuce
10 grams of purple cabbage
Hungarian paprika little


Sugar-free yogurt 50㏄
20 grams of egg-free salad dressing
Salt to taste
The right amount of pepper


  1. shrimp into boiling water to boil hot little color, ready to use.
  2. Wash and drain tomatoes red, after the tail of the cross-type, into boiling water, boil a little hot, picked, peeled, cut into small granular backup.
  3. Place all the seasoning mix and mix well, then add the shrimp and practice practice a grain 2 tomatoes, lettuce, purple cabbage, after mixing dish, then sprinkle with Hungarian paprika to add taste.