Sweet corn pancake roll


Pancake leather 2
Bacon 2
4 tablespoons sweet corn sauce
4 tablespoons of sweet corn kernels
Parsley 2
Pepper Salt to taste


  1. A commercially available skin quiche, bacon layered put into a preheated oven, lit with 210 ℃ plus whirlwind function, bake for about 5 minutes, remove the bacon burnt incense, adjourned bake for about 3 minutes to quiche sided skin was sallow after removal.
  2. Take a piece of leather pancake practice 1, cast 2 tablespoons of sweet corn sauce, sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of sweet corn kernels, put on a practice and a bacon parsley 1, sprinkle with salt and pepper after the package rolled (repeat this step to materials Bi).
  3. Place the wrapped two good practices can be cut into sections.