There reel really do not move? Edelkrone create a new generation mobile film car!

"Mobile food cart" can be fixed, and does not change the position of refreshment stall operators. However, as the shooting of the film, if your movie is "fixed position" fixed in the same shooting position, it seems that this "movie" would be better on the "do not shoot" it!

The use of the tracks and the "Trolley" in a predetermined way to change the viewing position, is filming basic common sense, you can make the movie more diverse angles, greatly enhance the fun. Edelkrone camcorder accessories experts from Turkey have frequently engaged as new, the latest for everyone to bring a storage easier, both three wheel design of PocketSkater 2, so that you can always "flow" filming a taste of "the great director "style shooting techniques.

Edelkrone PocketSkater design inspiration from two roller skates, the entire PocketSkater 2 folding design, inside of three rollers can be folded up, easy to use home collection. PocketSkater 2 small form factor, the cost of manufacturing of aluminum it has only 500g weight, appearance, with a 24-105mm zoom lens similar standard, the maximum load up to 2.5kg, even supporting the professional SLR cameras even f / 2.8 large aperture standard zoom lens is also no problem, but PocketSkater 2 also offers accessories can be connected to mobile phones.

PocketSkater 2 In addition to its "three reel" became the biggest selling point, this "filming mobile fortress" has built a previously announced FlexTilt Head Z-small head, you can join the lift function and multi-angle viewing period tilt adjustment method, simply will Edelkrone two "artifact" merged to become the strongest lightweight build filming platform.

PocketSkater priced 2 for US $ 249.99, although the price is not very favorable, but new ideas and selling skills, if we are still the majority of the Degui words, think PocketSkater 2 has no other purpose. For example: Air waves with friends at home, when the pot drama, PocketSkater 2 can be a mobile food vehicles transporting peanuts too!