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This week featured equipment Courier - Sony FE 24-240mm Speed arrival!

FE 24-240mm F3.5-6.3 OSS speed arrival, the preferred travel

No anti-full-frame being only one of this Sony, the camera quality is certainly no doubt get users, but from mature SLR lens support is compared to the weaker part of the A7 series. But even have to start going to start with a home body but do not worry, in a matter of about a week ago, Sony has released four breath FE lenses, the most unexpected is that among the FE 24-240mm F3.5- 6.3 OSS actually sync instantly accessible street selling, high efficiency can be described as rare.

We may indeed "hungry" for too long, the clerk said that although FE 24-240mm F3.5-6.3 OSS just published, but there are a lot of known users of the original arrival of the new mirror to mirror the horizon in terms of, HK $ 7,790 for Pricing is not cheap, but there is only the city of Lens "advantage", no wonder many of them are still with the home support. Needless to say know, start with this lens users most convenient pursuit of both ultra-wide angle lens is mainly, but also at the same time telephoto 10x zoom, more OSS earthquake's blessing, it is understood, of which a large part is Designed for travel and start it.

GoPro can play Filter? PolarPro Filter Series

When I start shooting install filters, you may immediately think of a professional SLR camera, but as more and more users through a professional film shoot GoPro, deputy plant PolarPro they think is developing a series of specially designed filter for GoPro Mirror, will enhance the effect of more than shooting, GoPro also bring more new games are played.

PolarPro Filter kits and independent filters are provided for selection (priced from HK $ 290 to HK $ 490 range), may correspond to the standard GoPro waterproof shell HERO4 / 3+ / 3, while the total of five kinds of filters, ND dimmer, respectively, Macro Macro, Polarizer polarized, Magenta Purple Red red filters and filter. The first three models used mainly for the water to shoot, as purple and red filter was underwater photography - the former will help restore the 15-75 foot green color of the sea, while the latter will help to restore the blue-green waters 2-15 feet The color, for shooting coral, aquatic organisms are particularly useful. PolarPro clerk said the case due to the arrival of new, not yet attracted much attention, is estimated to be more popular when summer arrived.


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