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Three levels of photography

"There is this camera, so I can shoot professional photos."

"This is what model camera, pictures are very beautiful!"

I believe readers around some friends also often pay lip service to these words, these people do not like to hear is photography, not to speak identity. They have denied the photographer on the photo of effort spent. Photography is not really in the end as most people call "buy equipment, delivery technology"? If so, then the value of photography as well as delving into it?

Once heard a word, really remember very clearly saying already, probably "by the idea of ​​a first-class photography, second-rate photography by technology, photography by third-equipment." I have always regarded this remark in mind in my mind, and as a lesson, I hope he will not simply the pursuit of equipment, and forget the essence of photography. Three levels naturally, this time to discuss photography is "thinking", "technology" and "equipment."

Photography by third-equipment

Equipment is in three of the more efficient, but also without any practice can get, as long as you have money on it. Now the price has more than photographic equipment early popularity, to get a reasonable quality SLR camera and lens is not too difficult. If photography is generally perceived as a professional equipment will be able to shoot professional portrait or landscape master phase, and that photographers who make a living by photography on the disaster. In fact, this kind of photography controversy has quite a long history. Early one hundred eighty years ago, it has been questioned whether a photographic art, photography is considered because it was a simple technique, you press the shutter all also understand; also been identified can not be called art, because photography is not the Imagine sublimation. Thus, photography by some people misunderstood as long as there is equipment on the line, for whom photography is also no creativity and imagination at all.

In the end equipment can bring to me why people are enthusiastic to pursue? I do not oppose the pursuit of equipment, but I do not think that the equipment can make people understand photography becomes effortless person. Specialized and expensive equipment will give us a more delicate quality, more accurate focus, more bright colors, and nothing more. But do not forget, a good photograph should be able to attract the eye, and with the impact, and even cause the viewer sympathy and reflection. Therefore, only the expensive equipment and can not be created as a photographer.

Photography by second-rate technology

You might ask, technology is not the first place you should be ranked? As long as there is good technology, will be able to get good pictures. Indeed, there are technical, the general also can shoot good pictures. If you know how slow shutter photography, you can get a silk-like gurgling water; if you know how to infrared photography, you will take special landscape with color. However, as mentioned above, have a visual impact on a good photo and resonate, these are also technology alone can not achieve. If the equipment is hardware, then the technology is software that helps photographers put their thoughts and ideas into the physical tools. Control technology, will be able to imagine the implementation.

Photography by class ideas

The idea is to refer to the photographer tactile environment around and see other people invisible.

In fact, everyone can see the surrounding landscape, is not a simple thing, but added the observer's subjective feelings, projected onto the object. So, everyone will see slightly different. Successful photographer insight into the difference between this and the emotions expressed by the shutter, so that the viewer experience also makes photographer thoughts and emotions.

Photographers will also see others invisible composition, light and shadow and the reality, contrasting colors, others may not be able to see its beautiful places, the photographer will be very sensitive to the scene, and put them down and captured. Moreover, many wonderful moments too fleeting, you have to have a very keen sense of "photographic eye" in order to grasp the golden opportunity. I have not contacted before photography, but also on the side to play photography friends puzzled, they do not always patting some footage of ordinary people. Until the beginning of learning photography, Little began to appreciate their beauty.


Equipment, technology and ideas is actually a chain, but also complement each other, the same can not be missing any. To really learn to photography, do not just focus on the equipment, do not let the learned techniques and theories become trapped by their own framework, so as to make progress in photography in it!

PS These are personal views and experiences, there is no so-called absolutely correct. If you have different ideas, can be affixed to share with you!


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