Tomato celery soup


Tomatoes 2
60 grams of celery
120 grams of cabbage
100 grams of carrots
10 grams of ginger
Water 800㏄
Sauce: soy sauce
Original barbeque sauce 1 tsp
Spicy barbeque sauce 1 tsp
The right amount of spring onion
The right amount of ginger
The right amount of garlic
The right amount of pepper
Parsley right amount


Chicken Block 2
Water 600㏄
4 tablespoons tomato sauce


  1. The hot boil peeled and diced tomatoes; celery to the leaves cut into small pieces; diced cabbage; carrots, peeled and diced; spare.
  2. ginger, water and practice all the vegetables together adding a pot.
  3. to approach the pot add chicken broth 2 blocks and tomato sauce, bring to a boil after the turn Microflame make soup and cook for about 20 minutes to keep the micro-rolling state, with a dip sauce can be.