Tomato Seafood glass noodles


Shrimp 3
Clams 4
Fish Plate 1
Mushroom 15 grams
Tomatoes 2
glass noodles a bundle
Stock 350㏄


1/2 teaspoon salt


  1. Wash the clams, add cold water and a pinch of salt (weight outside) and mix well and let stand so that sand spit; wait about two hours, and then repeat the practice of changing the water once, wait for about two hours after the wash clams and drain spare.
  2. mushroom wash stand; shrimp wash stand; tomatoes clean cuts back.
  3. glass noodles soak in cold water to soften and drain backup.
  4. Place the broth and cook until boiling, add the clams practice 1, practice shrimp, mushroom, tomato pieces, fish plate 2, 3 practice glass noodles and salt, and cook until clams open, into the bowl can be.