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Way to learn photography

Learning photography is not an easy task. Photography with other knowledge, is easy to learn and difficult to master. Even practicing photography is important, but there is no clear direction to practice, I am afraid that will be less effective. Learn how to learn photography, perhaps even more important. I have been looking at different ways of learning photography, also experienced a bottleneck when learning progress seems stalled. The following is a small learning experience. Although not much of truths, but hope it will bring some inspiration to readers.

Learn to read photography

To take a good photograph, perhaps first to learn to read the work of others. If you have a photo can constructively comment, noting that it excels, or insufficient, it means you can already discern in photography in what is good and what is bad. Photography is a relatively subjective things evaluation of the photo viewer, to a large extent will be his own experience, subjective feelings and other effects. So, I think the good works, others might disagree. But in general there will be some good works in common.

Brother had the privilege of reading the photographer Michael Freeman's book - "Soul of the photographer." One chapter, a brief record of the author's definition of good works. As will be outlined below summarize, the content from the book.

1. skillful photography

To show the photographer's idea in the photo, the photographer will need their skills relevant considerable grasp. In focus, such as the use of proper lighting is a must. Although some works deliberately ignore these details, but deliberately ignored and disregarded due to ignorance of the details, there is a difference between the diametrically opposite.

2. reverberate

Good photo can cause the audience to think, discuss and attention, and not make them feel cliche.

 3. The level of rich experiences

Rich layers may refer to photos to make the work of the Department of ingenuity found a closer look under the viewer. Works with someone like, for example: the photo in sharp contrast to the composition caught the attention of the viewer, this is the first level; the protagonist's face transfer photographers want to express the information, and the ability to make the viewer aware, this is the second level.

4. Theme

Behind the creation of such works, there is information you want to pass on the theme or expression, photos will be deeper.

Imitation masterpieces

Imitation is the learning process. Through follow the good work, we can understand why the older generation will be used to express a certain way screen. Each predecessors, there are certain places worth learning. May be their attitude towards photography, or photography of understanding, or even common photographic practices. Take some time to read about the French masters such as Henri Cartier-Bresson (Henri Cartier-Bresson), biography, etc. Moriyama Japan, will allow you to benefit. When emulate some time, has been quite solid basic skills, it is necessary to find your own style. Ask yourself, what kind of approach, which tones the best performance of their own ideas?

Listen to music, read more

Photography is an art, and emphasis on inspiration. There are a lot of inspiration from listening to music, or read literature. The mood of a song or a book hidden in the photo, can bring rich photo viewer's experience.


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