"White Rabbit" and STM lens available: Kenko teleconverter for the new EF Firmware Update

Compared to the original, Kenko teleconverter has certain advantages in addition to the price, but also because the group is not a prominent former teleconverter design, a higher degree of compatibility can be said, for example, they can be connected to Kit 18-55mm lens extender, act as a long lens to use. But after specifically for Canon EF / EFS develop a new generation of connected rings Teleplus HD 1.4X DGX Teleconverter and HD 2.0X DGX launch, but users have been discovered and new STM lenses EF100-400 / 4.5-5.6L IS II USM problems can not be functioning. Fortunately, the factory also considered fast response, Japan has announced the latest update for the teleconverter Firmware, although free of charge, but even on the need to update the delivery even 2-3 weeks.

Emphasize quality than the previous generation, 150% and 180% improvement Teleplus HD 1.4X DGX and HD 2.0X DGX In his fact attracted a lot of interest with the family, because the mainstream has not been formally introduced in Hong Kong, it is estimated that once the issue of Hong Kong with home will have minimal impact, but when the new stock is expected to issue a formal arrival will be resolved. As already impatient to start parallel with the family, it may be to find a way to return Japan updated.