4K camcorder reach! Nikon 1 J5 filming 15fps enough?

Today, Ben Wang reporter went to Canon's new generation of machines conference demo EOS M3, while at the same time, Nikon also no anti-action! Announced a new Nikon 1 J5, the new machine replaced retro appearance, but as rumors said, adding high resolution 4K film features! But this is the first visit Nikon 4K field, J5 has enough strength and Panasonic GH4, Sony A7S compete in it?

Seeing retro hot, Nikon launched earlier film machine looks like Nikon FM2 SLR Df, this retro wind to no reverse camera design department, the new J5 looks a bit like the Fuji X series DC, and a little like the Panasonic GM5 no rebound, Compared to the previous generation DC looks like there is enough extra points! The new machine has also joined the anti-Mans this design, the 3-inch LCD touch upward or downward 86 ° 180 ° overturn, the viewfinder is more flexible. On the other hand, this new machine's mode dial to join P / A / S / M mode options, users can more quickly pick the appropriate shooting mode.

In addition to appearance, J5 also put on a new one-inch 20.8 million as back-illuminated CMOS (no low-pass filter), coupled with a new image processor EXPEED 5A, the highest offer ISO 12800, and claimed that quality is more progress. The new machine follows the 171 points and 105 points Contrast Detection Hybrid Phase Detection AF system, with the highest order of the V3 line, also the highest support continuous shooting 20fps (autofocus) or 60fps (AF locked), more than enough everyday shooting. The built-in Wi-Fi and NFC also facilitate users to instantly share photos.

To the number of new machines selling point, I must mention the added high resolution 4K shooting. Seeing the film market continues to expand, Nikon has long been adding different feature film SLR, the introduction of this new anti-free, just to try the water temperature, believe J5's results will make a significant impact on the future development policy Nikon. However, although J5 can shoot 4K high-resolution video, but only supports up to 15fps, regrettable. Practicality perhaps lower than rival Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7S. So I was puzzled that, J5 to 20.8 million as can 60fps photo-shoot, but the actual resolution 4K video is only about 8 million, but can not. I hope this is just a market positioning strategy Nikon, V4 or SLR or future there will be more practical 4K video recording function, scared everybody jump!

The new machine is expected to officially launch in April tail, body and even price of $ 499.95 Lens 10-30mm, 10-30mm and 30-110mm body even double lens kit price of $ 749.95, while the body even 10-100mm Lens Kit is priced at $ 1049.95 USD.