Australia's cheese tart


250 grams of cream cheese
Granulated sugar 40 grams
2 whole eggs
1 lemon
Animal cream 25 grams
The right amount of sweet pie


  1. Wash the lemons out of lemonade stand.
  2. After the cream cheese, sugar into the container to play with soft, then sequentially adding the whole egg, lemon juice, cream and mix animal, namely cheese batter.
  3. Take a daisy tower mold and the mold coated with a thin layer of oil on after the first few sweet pie Chuochu fine hole, holes in the bottom of the mold and placed in the oven over the fire 180 ℃, under fire 180 ℃ bake about 15 minutes, so sweet pie presents semi state.
  4. Turn the batter into the practices of sweet cheese pie 3, and pour about 8 minutes daisy die full height.
  5. Pour the right amount of cold water in the pan, put the practice of chrysanthemum column 4 die in the oven, the fire above 160 ℃, under fire 180 ℃ bake about 35 minutes.